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As a Notary Public practice it will be necessary to collect personal information/data from clients and potential clients when dealing with general enquiries and or progressing a client’s case.

As I will collect, process and store information/data from you and or from third parties I am obliged under the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) to inform you of the information that I may collect, how I collect the information, the purpose, how I store the information and the length of time of storage.


Data can be:

How I collect personal data

I collect personal data in a number of ways and these include but are not limited to:

Source of Information/data

Purpose /Reason for processing Data

Personal data may be collected for the purpose of:

Restricted Use of personal data

Only relevant personal data shall be taken from you for the necessary fulfilment of my services to you.

On receiving enquiries from potential clients by telephone or by email I will store personal information such as your telephone number/email and postal address only for a very limited period of time for the purpose of communicating with you now and in the future if necessary.

Limited access to Data

In all such cases I shall ensure that all external parties shall be GDPR compliant and observe the duty of confidentiality.

How I may use your data other than for the performance of the contract/retainer.

Storage of data

I shall retain your personal data for as long as necessary for the purpose for which the personal data is processed.

In most cases following the completion of your matter it will be necessary to retain your data indefinitely to comply with any contractual and or statutory obligations such as dealing with any complaints/claims that may arise, as well as my obligations under the Notary Society Rules and regulations.

Right to request a copy of your data

Under the GDPR you are entitled to request a copy of your personal data which I hold on you such as your name, address, date of birth etc. If you require a copy of your personal data you must contact Michael Legister or by email at

Complaints about the use of personal data

If for whatever reason you are unhappy on how I have processed or used your data then you can raise a complaint to Michael Legister who will take steps to investigate the matter for you. The data protection officer is myself Michel Legister and the email address is as above.